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New York Lawyer Handling Failure To Recognize Fetal Distress And Perform C-Section Cases

The delivery process requires the attention of a skilled doctor. Your doctor and other medical professionals involved in the process must pay close attention to the mother and the fetus, making certain that if there is any sign of distress the appropriate actions are being taken. If you or your child has been injured as the result of malpractice, our experienced attorney will represent your interests.

Contact a Long Island birth injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Jewel E. Lacey to discuss failure to recognize fetal distress and perform C-section cases. We offer a no-charge consultation to answer your questions.

At the Law Offices of Jewel E. Lacey, we are known throughout New York for our ability to take on complex medical malpractice cases. Attorney Jewel Lacey has been practicing for more than 35 years and is committed to providing a high level of representation for her clients. If you value being represented by a lawyer with a proven track record, choose Jewel Lacey.

Failure To Recognize Fetal Distress

When a doctor or surgeon fails to recognize that a fetus is in distress, there can be lifelong consequences. A fetus that is deprived of oxygen or blood flow can suffer serious brain injuries, as well as other birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy and shoulder dystocia. In some situations, oxygen deprivation can result in fatalities of the fetus or even the mother.

Our Nassau County birth and labor malpractice lawyer has helped countless women who have suffered serious injuries as the result of a physician's negligent behavior. Jewel Lacey examines medical malpractice cases from a comprehensive standpoint and seeks to reach the best possible outcome. She does not back down to a challenge and prepares every case as if it were to go to trial. Read more about Ms. Lacey's background and the people she's helped on our Verdicts and Settlements page.

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