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Next Of Kin's Rights After A Police-Caused Death

When you lose a loved one to police brutality or misconduct, your pain and suffering should not be made worse by police bad-mouthing him or her or denying your rights to know the facts.

A recent case of alleged fatal police brutality in New York City sheds light on how the NYPD may deny your family's right to bury your loved one or even conduct your own autopsy. At the Law Offices of Jewel E. Lacey, we stand with the family members who lose loved ones to overly aggressive policing. We can protect your rights as next of kin to ensure law enforcement treats you with the respect you deserve.

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Police May Refuse To Release Test Results

In the summer of 2014, a New York City man died after police violently restrained him (without arresting him) by piling on him and one officer driving a knee into the man's back. The man was then wrapped in a "body burrito" and put in the back of an ambulance, where he died of a heart attack without CPR being attempted.

An autopsy ruled the man's cause of death a "homicide" coupled with the narcotic PCP in his system. A private medical examiner may rule that the presence of PCP is irrelevant because the police should not have illegally restrained him, but the NYPD would not release autopsy or toxicology results to the man's family.

We Can Help You Uncover The Facts Of Your Loved One's Death

When the police, prosecutors and medical examiners refuse to acknowledge important evidence of police brutality, you need an experienced attorney's help. A lawyer like Jewel Lacey can help you take the steps necessary to have your loved one's body released to your custody to perform an independent autopsy and hold a funeral.

Additionally, the discovery of the Manhattan medical examiner office's failure to properly preserve toxicology evidence could help a police brutality or wrongful death lawsuit against the NYPD. When police try to blame their actions on drug usage, an experienced lawyer like Jewel Lacey may be able to have that evidence thrown out.

We Can Give You A Voice. Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation.

Our law firm is committed to securing justice for the victims of police brutality and their families. We can make sure your side of the story is heard and police respect your legal rights. To discuss your options at a free consultation, call us at 803-700-8524.

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